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About the Program

The Writing Program was founded in 1977 to ensure that Northwestern undergraduates have ample opportunities to learn to write clearly and persuasively. Since then, we have offered courses at every level—from introductory to advanced—and have worked with faculty across the University to help their students become more effective writers. We believe that clear writing and clear thinking are integrally connected, and that the development of writing skills is a practical endeavor that offers intellectual and aesthetic rewards.

Writing Program courses are small and personal. Our faculty offer rigorous instruction in writing, but in a friendly, supportive setting.

For information about our courses and faculty, please visit the rest of this website. For questions about the Program, contact one of the following individuals:

Elizabeth Lenaghan
555 Clark St., Room 245

Meaghan Fritz
Director, The Writing Place
555 Clark St., Room 238

Patrick McAdoo
Program Assistant
555 Clark St., Room 201