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Graduate Student Resources

Writing Resources for Graduate Students

The Graduate Writing Place

The Graduate Writing Place serves graduate students from all across Northwestern’s many schools, departments, and programs, as well as postdoctoral students and Northwestern faculty. Clients may book appointments for individual writing consultations with Graduate Writing Fellows (PhD candidates at Northwestern) to review a variety of writing, including papers for coursework; conference papers and presentations; journal articles and manuscripts for publication; dissertation proposals and chapters; and materials pertaining to the academic and non-academic job markets.

The Graduate Writing Place also sponsors several cross-disciplinary and discipline-specific workshops, interdisciplinary writing groups, and dissertation boot camps throughout the year. To learn more about these services, please visit the Writing Place website.

Daskin Plagiarism (PowerPoint)

Mark Daskin is a professor in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences. He prepared this explanation of plagiarism for his graduate students, but many others have found it to be very useful.

Standards and grading criteria for lab reports (Author: K. Carmichael, the Writing Program)

This note to students writing lab reports for Civil and Environmental Engineering classes explains the importance of mastering the lab report form and lists key criteria and expectations for grading.

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