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Graduate Assistantships

The Graduate Writing Place offers two types of opportunities for advanced PhD candidates who wish to augment their writing, leadership, and teaching skills at the same time they improve the writing skills of other graduate students at Northwestern:

Both Graduate Writing Fellows and the GA work one-on-one with graduate students from across the university to respond to their writing in progress and to coach them in principles of expression, argumentation, and organization. Moreover, the Fellows and GA draw on their own disciplinary expertise and interests to help develop workshops, events, and resources that cater to both broad and specific graduate student audiences.


The benefits of being a Graduate Writing Fellow or GA are numerous; students:

  1. Become comfortable and facile with mentoring and teaching graduate students, preparing them for work as future faculty members
  2. Learn to teach and work with student writers who come from a variety of backgrounds and possess a range of skills and interests
  3. Develop skills to improve their teaching of writing in the courses they already teach and assist
  4. Advance their own writing skills through exposure to and experience with the work of others
  5. Develop leadership and presentation skills through planning and leading workshops
  6. Are identified as skilled writers by their peers, mentors, and potential employers


For their work, Fellows are awarded a $3000 honorarium that supplements any assistantships or fellowships they are already earning.

The Graduate Assistant is provided a stipend and associated benefits equivalent to what would be earned in their home department/program.

Applications for this competitive program are available during the spring quarter. For more information about how and when to apply, please visit the Graduate Assistantships page on the Writing Place website.